“Seeing potential where others see the impossible, that is the key to success.”

Team Carnot Refrigeration has applied this quote from Charles-Albert Poissant to the letter! Since 2008, through innovation, thoroughness and passion, Carnot Refrigeration has been able to provide its clients with tailored solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly to best meet their needs. Our development plan is based on innovation and our mission is to continue to innovate, creating solutions for tomorrow, today. 


Carnot Refrigeration, Working to Make Eco-friendly Refrigeration a Global Standard

Our vision is to create and develop refrigeration throughout the world that is respectful of the environment, in order to make it a global standard for all sectors. We strive to ensure that every client has the option of using natural refrigerants instead of substances that are harmful to the environment, and we are convinced that Carnot Refrigeration is the ideal company to meet this challenge.




  • For our trade

  • For our tools

  • For the environment

  • For our technology


  • Use of natural refrigerants

  • New ways to reduce energy costs

  • Research and development (laboratory, prototype, etc.)

  • Integration of new technologies

  • Continuous improvement


  • Close attention to detail (design and manufacturing)

  • Constant monitoring of quality

  • Skillful understanding of all aspects of a project

  • Customized service and start-up

  • Schedule delivery deadlines in advance