Energy Savings

2 in 1 system: Heat Recovery

Can you imagine grocery shopping in a refrigerator or watching your child play hockey in a freezer?
Not very nice is it?

What building that needs a refrigeration system doesn’t need a heating system in parallel? Those supplied by Carnot Refrigeration!

With a minimum amount of energy, our systems enable you to refrigerate your food, your drinks, your skating rink, your refrigerated warehouses or other applications that generate cold. In addition, our systems allow you to heat to the ambient air and to heat domestic water in the building.

Hot Gas Defrosting: Energy Savings and Improved Food Quality

Which peas would you trust?

When we talk about energy savings, people often wonder where you can make cuts! Is it not unthinkable that we would radiate heat using the heating system even for refrigerated counters that are kept at low temperatures all day? Yet this is what happens in most applications. In addition, it has a direct impact on the food, as can be seen in the picture above.

With Carnot, no need to heat the counters. For more information, contact us!


Transcritical Systems: Alternative Compressor Operation

Doesn’t it upset you that a refrigeration system works the same way when it is colder outside the building than in your counter or your arena?

At Carnot refrigeration, compressors only start when certain maximum temperatures are reached. While traditional systems over-consume during winter, Carnot systems fit perfectly with the needs of the building. The obvious effect results in very significant cost savings.


Here is an interactive fact sheet that demonstrates the annual savings for to different cases:


Here's a typical business case showing how much can be saved in a supermarket thoughout the first year with a Carnot CO2 a system.

Total area of the building
44 607 Sq. Ft.

BTU required
283 kBTU/h in LT and 1006 kBTU/h in MT

Cost of electricity
0,06$ / kWh

Consomption before the Carnot system
3 240 000 kWh/year

22 %

Annual savings a CO2 refrigeration system was installed