Experienced Team

Our young and dynamic team began as a start-up in 2008, with the aim of developing and commercializing "the" refrigeration, one that our customers could only dream of. Thanks to the vision of Carnot's team, today our solution meets our clients’ needs perfectly.

Our multidisciplinary and multicultural team shares its achievements and ideas to achieve the best possible synergy. Here’s what out clients and the media have had to say about us recently. The whole team dedicates every day to optimizing our solution in order to always offer the right solution for each client’s specific needs. We now provide a system with the highest quality possible, which always delivers the best energy efficiency.

Today, with all the projects underway or completed in North America, we are the leaders in the field of Transcritical CO2 Systems. We are renowned, recommended and recognized. Requested around the world, we are ready to expand our business.


  • Our Designers

    "The future Steve Jobs of clean tech"

    Les Affaires
  • About our technical team

    "They are refrigeration surgeons !"

    One of our clients
  • Our After-sales Service team

    "An emergency system that is always available and comprehensive"

    One of our customer
  • About our management team

    "They have guided our client to a higher level of building performance"

    Louis Vincent, Board President for AQME