Innovative System

The Carnot Solution

If in other markets there are already many regulations to push users of refrigerants to stop using HFCs, this is not the case in Canada, where Carnot developed his system.

Consequently, in order to be able to sell in a market where no standards place limits on users of HFCs, Carnot had to completely rethink and develop a new system that was state of the art and based on one vision:

The vision was to successfully develop a system that was:

  • Simpler and more Compact

  • Affordable

  • With low operation cost

  • Energy Efficiency

  • HFC Free

  • Can be installed in an existing space to replace an old system.

After a rigorous research and development process, Carnot was able to develop and market a complete and integrated solution for most applications of industrial, commercial and recreational refrigeration.

Many Innovations Differentiate Our Technology from Others

Innovative Processes:

  • Heat recovery

    Our 2 in 1 system allows to refrigerate the applications concerned, and to heat the air and water from the building with a minimum amount of energy through heat recovery. For find out more.
  • Transcritical System

    Carnot refrigeration equipment fits the specific needs of applications. The compressors are turned on only when certain minimum or maximum temperatures have been reached. For find out more.
  • Hot Gas Defrost

    Instead of transferring heat to defrost counters, our systems will reuse the CO2 from the refrigeration. This extends the shelf life and quality of food, in addition to drastically lower energy consumption. To find out more.

Innovative Components:

  • MicroTermo Screen Control and Remote Control

    We try to use the latest technologies to optimize our equipment. For this reason, we use MicroTermo screens and software to ensure precise control of the machine, which can also be done remotely.
  • Pressure Relief Valves

    To control the high-pressure CO2 systems, we use valve deletions to prevent any explosions. This way, both technicians and the machines are not at risk.
  • CO2 Detector

    To ensure the safe use of our technology, we offer a tool for detecting CO2 leakage and alert technicians according to the urgency.