Secure Systems

Compared to traditional refrigeration solutions, CO2 technology is much safer. In fact, the gas is natural and non-toxic, which avoids clients having to install additional equipment and safety programs. This obviously results in cost savings.

Gadget: savings between installing an ammonia system for example, and one of our systems.

However, CO2 needs to operate at high-pressure. In order to ensure that our systems have all the required safety standards we have fitted them with safety features.


  • The  machine is subjected to pressure tests.
  • We test  each component and then the entire machine with our quality control system.
  • We  perform tests to detect leaks in the refrigerant circuit and electrical tests.

Safety during operation and maintenance:

  • Use of  safety valves and relief valves for complete safety in high or low temperatures.

Safety of  the electrical system:

  • All units  are pre-wired for controls and power.
  • The  equipment is equipped with circuit breakers.


  • We  provide a CO2 sensor. If there is a leak, the tool will detect the PPM level and  sound an alarm when a minimum or maximum is reached.
  • The  system is equipped with pressure alarms for oil and refrigerant temperatures.

Protection  and safety / emergency system

  • Transfer  button at low temperature.

For indoor skating rinks, CO2 is the obvious choice. It is safer and less expensive.

Co2 (R744)

  • Simple and compact system (70% less space)
  • No modifications needed to mechanical room
  • No water tower required
  • Quarterly inspection by refrigeration mechanic
  • Heat recovery: reduces energy consumption
  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • For indoor skating rinks, CO2 is the obvious choice. It is safer and less exepensive.

Ammonia (R717)

  • Requires installing many security systems that are costly and complicated
  • Requires modifying the existing mechanical room (CSA B52 - Mechanical Refrigeration Code - Technical Local class T)
  • Requires a water tower
  • Daily inspection by a fixed machinery mechanic 
  • Consultants to make plans of environmental emergency measures