Recreation and Sports

Dollard-des-Ormeaux Civic Centre


After having deployed an alternative solution for the supermarket and industrial world, Carnot is also providing a very attractive low cost and safe alternative to ammonia or HFC refrigeration systems used for the recreational ice rinks.

About the System

  • Natural and non-toxic refrigerant
  • GWP = 1,0 / ODP=0
  • No need for #xed machinery mechanics (FMM)
  • Does not require any major change in the mechanical room
  • Possibility to reuse existing pumps and piping for the brine/glycol closed loop
  • Reliable and proven systems
  • Very safe and industrial grade product
  • Increased energy effciency
  • Simple, compact and factory manufactured system
  • Compact and lightweight gas cooler
  • Replacement parts available from usual distributors

Description of the CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems

1- Compressor and Desuperheater

This is the cooling stage where the pressure is lowered to increase e!ciency. We use the direct recovery of heat from the CO2, using stainless steel piping. The heat, generated by the refrigerant’s compression, is sent to the desuperheater to warm up the hot water closed loop, which feeds the subloor, the snow pit, etc.

2- Direct heat recovery

The unused heat by the desuperheater is sent to the arena heat recovery units. When the heat recovery is not needed, the refrigerant is sent to the gas cooler (condenser).

3- Domestic hot water exchanger

To preheat domestic hot water.

4- Liquid CO2 tank

The purpose of this tank is to control the liquid refrigerant’s level which changes during the use of the system. It also feeds the exchanger CO2 / Glycol or brine.

5- Exchanger CO2 / Glycol or brine

At this stage, the heat transfer fluid is cooled to the preset value to maintain the quality of ice required. The exchanger is specialy designed to be used with CO2 / glycol or brine.

6- Glycol/brine circulation pumps

Carnot Refrigeration's systems have the flexibility to use the existing circulation pumps and/or install new ones to meet your needs.

7- Distribution system slab and subfloor

As for the circulation pumps, the existing distribution systems for the slab and subfloor can be kept and re-used. To protect the heat transfer fluid closed loop against corrosion and erosion, our systems can be equipped with a water treatment.


In conclusion, the compactness combined with the simplicity of the CO2 transcritical solution provided by Carnot Refrigeration allows important savings (capex & opex). The system using CO2 is the safest solution (for human and environment) available for recreational ice rinks.