The first USA project of Carnot now certified Platinum-Level GreenChill

September 3rd, 2013

The first USA project of Carnot now certified Platinum-Level GreenChill

On August 29th 2018, Carnot Refrigeration went to Turner, Maine, to take part to the opening ceremony of its first project in a USA store. During this meeting, the store was recognized with GreenChill Platinum certification.  This certification is given by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States for supermarkets having the most innovative systems of refrigeration, undergoing least leaks and using a green refrigerant. Less than ten companies received this Platinum mention in the world, and Carnot is one of them from now on.  

Carnot is proud of this ambitious project with Hannaford. Being the first mover is not always easy and Hannaford managed to raise this very exciting challenge. 6 years ago, they raised the global building standards by achieving the world’s first LEED Platinum Green Rating; today, by achieving a Platinum-Level Greenchill Certification, they can be very proud of raising the global refrigeration standards.

To achieve the Platinum-Level certification: 
• The store must only use refrigerants with zero ozone-depleting potential;
• The store must only use refrigerants that have been found acceptable by EPA's SNAP Program for
use in retail food refrigeration end-uses; and
• All refrigerants used in the store’s commercial refrigeration system must have a global warming
potential (GWP) lower than 150 (see our Environmental Benefits).

Today’s customers want to do business with stores that share their values. Nowadays, supermarkets need to demonstrate they share their communities’ commitments to environmental protection and those kinds of projects will certainly help Hannaford build a stronger relationship with to those wanting to cross over into natural refrigerants.

To know more about the project, and see a video of the GreenChill Platinum ceremony, click here.