• at Courchesne Larose at Courchesne Larose - May 1st, 2013

    The Courchesne Larose warehouse was recently visited by journalists from, a website dedicated to news from the world of refrigeration and heating with CO2. This virtual community is an international benchmark for experts in the field. The envoys were interested in the refrigeration system with ammonia / CO2 installed by the specialists at Carnot Refrigeration at this Quebec company, a major player in the industry of fresh fruits and vegetables. With 9,300 square meters of floor surface and 12-metre high ceilings, the Courchesne Larose warehouse welcomes 2,000 tons of food...

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  • a system for an urban supermarket, in a retirement home, a challenge which Carnot raised and overtook

    a system for an urban supermarket, in a retirement home, a challenge which Carnot raised and overtook - March 30th, 2013

    A new urban supermarket with the technology Carnot Refrigeration opened in Montreal last March. The system transcritique 100 % must be installed so as to answer numerous standards. Indeed, LEED and situated at the ground floor of a building of residence for elderly, the supermarket could not be source of noise, smell or inconveniences for this fragile public. This project was complex all the more as the access to the roof was made difficult by the number of floors and flats to cross. The Carnot Refrigeration team non-only took up the challenge but surpassed it. For one of first one time to...

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  • Nomination at AQME

    Nomination at AQME - November 30th, -1

    A member of Carnot Refrigeration is to be named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association québécoise de la maîtrise en énergie. The Quebec Association for Energy Management has made energy efficiency issues its workhorse and has now become the ultimate benchmark in energy efficiency, in the context of sustainable development. It is a neutral, independent and private organization that brings together almost 800 members from all types of sectors. While being a crossroads for stakeholders who share their experience and knowledge, the AQME actively works to promote energy...

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