R744 (Carbon dioxyde)

R744, or carbon dioxide, is making its re-entry into the industrial refrigeration scene. Once thought to be a wasteful chemical requiring too much high pressure to be feasible as a coolant, environmentalists now hail R744 as an answer to growing concerns. Concerns regarding traditional and widely used chemical refrigerants include global warming contributing factors, as well as ozone layer destruction factors. Proponents of R744 technology insist that the use of R744 as a coolant for refrigeration and other cooling systems (including heat pumps) are the wave of the future for industry wide equipment. R744 technology has advanced in recent years, particularly in the factories at Carnot Refrigeration. The innovative industry leaders in this company have taken the R744 cooling system to new levels with their cutting edge technology. R744 is now widely accessible and easily implemented, even into existing facility.

Factory owners may shudder at the thought of having to overhaul each traditional machine in their operation. Worse, the thought of purchasing new equipment to keep pace with environmental guidelines and safety concerns may be entirely overwhelming. This is not necessary when the experts at Carnot Refrigeration are included in the process. Adapting and modifying existing equipment to accommodate r744 refrigerant properties has never been easier. The engineers at Carnot Refrigeration take part in a worldwide movement to make R744 refrigerant CO2 adaptable for every factory, and they know it must be done in steps. Adapting existing machinery reduces the harmful impacts on the ozone layer that these machines typically have. Once machines are partially adapted, production and maintenance costs are significantly reduces. R744 refrigerant CO2 based does not damage machinery in the same way that ammonia and other coolants do. Since related costs are lowered (or even eliminated), it is possible to make the shift in stages of development. As costs are reduced, finances become available for updating machinery, guaranteeing the long term savings benefits of R744 cooling systems.

R744 refrigerant properties are surprisingly conducive to the cooling process. Despite the need for high pressure, the R744 agent is capable of running smoothly, efficiently, and with reduced waste. Reducing heat waste is done in part with the efficiency of the R744 refrigerant properties. It is also in part related to the fact that R744 heat waste can be rerouted and reused in other parts of the production process. This recycled energy resource actually helps recover lost energy during decades of industrial refrigeration with other wasteful agents. There have been direct effects reported which relate R22 and other harmful coolant chemicals to the destruction of the ozone layer. Most concerning is the propensity for exposure to food products, as ammonia and other agents typically erode equipment leaving it prone to leakage and exposure. Product loss, when leaks are caught in time, is a significant consequence of the use of this chemical agent. Product loss can also devastate an entire company. When food is exposed to a harmful agent, consumers become very wary of repeat business. This is not a concern with R744. Carbon dioxide is a natural agent which is reusable, sustainable, and efficient for the machinery process.

In an effort to raise awareness about the benefits of R744 conversion for existing refrigeration equipment, organizations such as R744.com have been formed. R744.com provides a forum for connection, outreach, and information to be exchanged for companies and consumers concerned with environmental issues, such as the effects of traditional refrigerants upon the environment. This site offers leveled partnership, allowing companies which choose and encourage R744 technology in their factory equipment to promote their businesses. Carnot Refrigeration is a proud gold member of R744.com, and proudly provides the best equipement on the market. Their innovative carbon dioxide equipement brings avant-garde technology to a very traditional industry. Carnot Refrigeration offers the benefits of their expert engineers with the skilled practice of their field technicians to bring the best industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment to their clients. Gold membership with R744.com signifies their commitment to environmentally friendly refrigeration.

Refrigeration systems which run on CO2 are more preferred by consumers than ever before. Carnot Refrigeration has designed refrigeration equipment which can be readily modified to suit the immediate needs of any operation. These design techniques are easily implemented with the brilliant technical minds at Carnot Refrigeration.

Seeking to reduce the carbon imprint upon the earth and its atmosphere is the aim of companies which unite under organizations such as R744.com. These companies, such as gold standard member Carnot Refrigeration, offer their expertise to companies seeking to make the shift to energy efficiency. Optimal energy conservation and recovery are accomplished with the innovative CO2 equipment systems. Because they are designed to suit existing machinery, there are several small changes which can be made so that equipment can be gradually adapted to suit the new standard preference in industrial refrigeration systems.

Carnot Refrigeration’s goal is to reduce other harmful impacts upon the environment, such as global warming and ozone layer deterioration, is also avoided with the use of R744. Carbon dioxide heat waste can be reused into other parts of the equipment, making it the recycle friendly refrigerant. Carnot Refrigeration can customize existing machinery to accommodate optimal energy recovery for any operation. New machines are also produced by the innovative manufacturers at Carnot Refrigeration. This company leads the industry with the gold standard of R744.com, and can save commercial refrigeration companies millions in energy costs world wide. These savings are noted each moth as energy costs are reduced with the recovery and replacement of heat energy. R744 refrigerant holds great promise for the future of industrial and commercial refrigeration for the entire industry. As these changes are accepted across the globe, Carnot Refrigeration leads the way with their incredible technology and expert engineers. Their innovative design model has brought CO2 refrigeration to the forefront of the industry.