Commercial refrigeration is the process used to remove heat from a room or unit in order to designate a cold or freezing area in which to store food, medicine, or other items which must be stored at those temperatures.  Commercial refrigeration techniques have varied over the years of their development, and some of these techniques have drawn the criticism of environmentalists. The experts at Carnot Refrigeration have designed commercial refrigeration units to address these concerns, and significantly reduce the harmful impacts of chemical refrigerants on the environment.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is manufactured, refurbished, and repaired by the experts at Carnot Refrigeration. Their systems stand above the competition in every relatable component. Engineers at Carnot Refrigeration have designed systems which reduce the harmful chemical components to fractional impacts. This is done while maintaining the best refrigeration equipment production in the industry.  Commercial refrigeration systems manufactured by Carnot Refrigeration are made to run on natural refregerant agents rather than traditional synthetics agents used as refrigerants, which is the key factor in harmful pollutant reduction. Clients across the globe prefer CO2 commercial refrigeration equipment to other companies who perpetuate harmful greenhouse gas emission and less than favorable refrigeration methods to those currently available. System upgrades and commercial refrigeration refurbishments are available to clients who desire to make the switch to green friendly refrigeration. Carnot Refrigeration takes the industry lead in providing these and other services to clients with commercial refrigeration needs.

Our systems' benefits

Commercial refrigeration supervision and manufacturing are only two of the service components available at Carnot Refrigeration. The unique Carnot design improvements upon standard and traditional commercial systems offer clients energy recovery and emission reduction.  Standard systems emit harmful greenhouse gases with traditional refrigerant chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the environment in several ways. They contribute to the erosion of the ozone layer and atmosphere with the release of gaseous chemical waste. Energy resources are drained significantly by standard commercial refrigeration system machinery. Vapor compression systems that are used in many commercial refrigeration units attract the heat that is present in the refrigeration unit, and transfers it out. Chemical refrigerants are used to aid in cold conduction as well as the release of captured heat. Commercial refrigeration runs on a twenty four hour system which requires constant heat removal and refrigerant conduction. The high demands and harsh components make this equipment particularly subject to malfunction. This is one of the reasons there are so many environmental concerns related to commercial refrigeration. In addition to design of new systems, Carnot Refrigeration offers refurbishment services so that equipment can be made more efficient.

Commercial refrigeration services imply a variety of client demands. The industry leading experts at Carnot Refrigeration offer these services as the best among their competitors. Commercial refrigeration equipment that is entrusted to the engineers and technicians at Carnot Refrigeration is handled by the best in the industry. They are able to customize commercial refrigeration thermodynamic systems. Carnot builds equipment which functions with ammonia and Co2, both natural refregirants. Commercial refrigeration units require chemical transfers of cooling and heat collection agents. Accommodations for expressed client and consumer concerns regarding the use of energy and emission of gases have been made with the innovative system design offered by Carnot Refrigeration’s experts.

High quality customized services

Commercial refrigeration consumers come from a variety of industries. Supermarket and food handling corporations (such as restaurants and food storage warehouses) require precise temperature control in their systems. Temperature control should be available for every type of food storage requirement. This means that the system designs vary with every application. The experts at Carnot Refrigeration provide precise, optimized and customized repairs and refurbishments to all commercial equipment. New systems are also designed with each of these necessities implemented as well as energy management. Commercial refrigeration uses are not limited to supermarkets, even though this  industry comprises a significantly large percentage of commercial refrigeration clients. Other industry components include ice rinks, sports arenas, and medical facilities (particularly pharmaceutical agencies). Refrigeration and temperature control are vital to the production and functioning of many markets. Carnot Refrigeration takes each of these into consideration, providing the best customized systems in the industry for clients with a wide spectrum of commercial refrigeration needs.

Fields of application

Commercial refrigeration requirements extend across several industries. Ice rinks require specialized systems to keep ice safe for skating and sport competitions. Safety requirements in this industry range from child safety concerns to athletic protection. Career skaters and hockey players depend upon the refrigeration system underneath the ice they skate upon to function properly at all times. Parents entrust ice skating rink owners to provide the best equipment for their children’s activities. Safety measures are taken seriously and with precision at Carnot Refrigeration. Equipment entrusted to these professionals allows their client industries to continue offering the best in safety assurances to their consumers. Carnot Refrigeration has the cutting edge on professional research and design teams for commercial refrigeration projects and needs. Client satisfaction from Carnot Refrigeration services and manufacturing purchases soars above that of other commercial refrigeration companies in the industry.

Refrigeration components are taken heavily into consideration with each design for commercial purposes. Carnot Refrigeration design experts take all matters of refrigeration needs into consideration with their technology even if it requests customization. Areas of the industry which extend beyond environmental and safety concerns include productivity and profit. While competitive companies have not successfully addressed these consumer concerns, Carnot Refrigeration offers several solutions. Their unique ammonia and CO2 system designs, coupled with their energy efficiency models, stand far above the competition in both cost and capability standards. Clients of Carnot Refrigeration save significant money in production costs once they make the switch to these efficient systems. Industry leaders who are consumers of commercial refrigeration systems overwhelming express preference for the Carnot Refrigeration system design. Reduction in repairs and energy costs are enough to have a tremendous positive impact on company production. Refrigeration is essential to product safety, production capability, and must be run at all hours regardless of operation times. When these machines malfunction, product and production losses can be quite expensive. This is a virtually nonexistent concern for Carnot Refrigeration customers. The impeccable design and functioning capabilities provided by these industry leaders outshines the competition in every way. Carnot Refrigeration addresses consumer concerns with customized equipment and refurbishment for every client. Manufacturers in the field acknowledge the cutting edge design of the Carnot system and seek to satisfy their own clients in similar ways. Carnot Refrigeration still leads the way in perfected equipment while the competition strives to keep pace.

A constant concern for the environment

Commercial refrigeration has seen several changes in recent decades. Specific concerns regarding the ozone layer have been addressed by Carnot Refrigeration systems. Commercial designs include a reduction in harmful chemicals (both in production and waste release) as well as energy recovery efforts. These efforts have significantly contributed to the world wide efforts of reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in several ways. By taking the industry lead, Carnot Refrigeration has almost single handedly reformed the entire commercial refrigeration industry in this aspect alone. Providing the best equipment on the market has also impacted customers and clients of commercial refrigeration units. Clients and consumers are in every industry are seeking to reduce costs of production and preserve energy resources. Consumer awareness of energy efficiency has skyrocketed in recent decades with technology capabilities and communication devices. Commercial refrigeration companies have had to answer some tough consumer questions regarding their corporate impacts on the environment and resource supplies. The Carnot Refrigeration company has taken the lead in addressing these concerns while providing consumers with alternative solutions to traditional problems with commercial refrigeration.

Commercial components of refrigeration techniques require company responsibility and consumer communication. These are both addressed with the high standards implemented into each machine at Carnot Refrigeration. Providing clients with the most cost productive equipment are some of the staple components of the Carnot Refrigeration company. These staple components are due to become the future of the entire commercial refrigeration industry as environmental and energy concerns take precedence in all corporate arenas.  Providing clients and consumers with the best commercial refrigeration is the most primary concern of the experts at Carnot Refrigeration. These units are important to many industries, and Carnot Refrigeration provides the best equipment and repair solutions to each and every commercial refrigeration client.

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