Why CO2?

•Currents refrigerants are increasingly costly and harmful to the environment.

•The EPA estimates an annual 20% to 30% loss of charge for all supermarkets and grocery stores.

•Customers and users are facing refrigerant phase-out.

•CO2 supermarket refrigeration as proven reliable and efficient for more than 10 years in Europe and is now emerging in US markets.

•Reduce by 100% the total use of HFC’s and / or HCFC’s .

•Reduce piping and insulation size by more than half and the related labour and material cost by 31,5%.

•Reduce the use of paraseismic hangers and the structural need to support the pipes

•Provide full heat reclaim (if needed) for space heating or water heating (domestic or process)

•Allow the existing stores to be retrofited without replacing display cases. Reduce dramatically the maintenance cost

Hot gas defrost

Hot gas allows fast and efficient evaporation of thaw. Compared to electrical defrosting, this method does not involve any additional energy consumption or heat addition to the system.

Hot gas defrosting provides the option to heat the decks and other areas of the warehouse as required, always without any equipment (pumps, glycol loop, heating, etc.) or additional energy.

Heat recovery

The CO2 cooling system is designed so that heat recovery is direct. Indeed, by passing hot gases from CO2 compressors to evaporators, the system makes it possible to heat ambient air and water.

This option provides 8 times more heat than systems traditional with intermediate glycol loop combined with ammonia. This method does not involve any additional energy consumption or equipment (pumps, glycol loop, heating, etc.).

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